Kurt Evans, Pizza chef fighting mass incarceration

This Chef is Fighting Against Mass Incarceration... One Pizza at a Time!

Kurt Evans, long-time manager and co-founder of Down North Pizza in North Philadelphia, has reportedly made it his mission to fight against the injustice of mass incarceration, according to Atlas Obscura.

In this fight, Evans makes it a point to exclusively hire formerly incarcerated men and women, giving them a chance to launch a culinary career at a fair wage.

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Evans has personally experienced the injustice in the current judiciary system. He states: “I have friends and family, some of whom have been in and out of the criminal justice system."

He adds, "In the U.S., pretrial incarceration is mostly fueled by cash bail. Our jails are literally filled with people who have not been convicted of crimes and are presumed innocent, but can’t afford bail.”

Evans takes this failure in America personally and hopes to use food as a way of spreading awareness of the topic and someday even revising it.

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