Hervis Harvey

62-Year Old Texas Man Arrested for Voting Illegally While on Parole

After waiting roughly six hours in line to cast his vote for the 2020 presidency, Hervis Rogers from Houston, Texas has been found guilty of two counts of illegal voting. The first instance was during the midterm elections in 2018, and with a second offense, Rogers now faces two to twenty years in prison for a second-degree felony.

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Rogers was a few months short of the end of his parole following two felony burglary convictions from the early 1990s. This made him ineligible to cast a ballot under Texas law even though he voted in Harris County, one of the most diverse counties in Texas and where the city of Houston is located.

He is being charged and possibly tried in Montgomery County, where he is currently being held.

Rogers' attorney, Andre Segura, for commented: “The arrest and prosecution of Mr. Rogers should alarm all Texans. He waited in line for over six hours to vote to fulfill what he believed to be his civic duty, and is now locked up on a bail amount that most people could not afford.”

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