Johnny Briscoe

Wrongfully Convicted Man Owed $840K After Spending 23 Years in Prison

In June of 2021, an overdue DNA test cleared a man named Johnny Briscoe of his prison sentence for alleged rape and robbery. According to Fox News, “DNA evidence exonerated Briscoe in 2006,” after which Briscoe waited “15 years to ask for his restitution.”

Due to Missouri law, should a person be found innocent while serving a wrongful sentence in prison, “they are to be paid restitution of $100 for every day they were wrongfully imprisoned,” bringing Missouri’s compensation to Briscoe to $840,000.

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However, as a surprise to few, the Missouri Att. General’s office has yet to pay off this debt to Briscoe, arguing “that a statute of limitations applies.”

This argument has since been addressed by Briscoe’s attorney, who expresses, “the statute of limitations is for civil cases and not a criminal case like Briscoe’s.”

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