About Us

  • The Prison Reform Project is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and movement that primarily aims to help women and veterans who were previously incarcerated.

Everyday, thousands of such individuals are released from prison, but sadly they often end up homeless, battling mental illnesses on their own, and/or back in the prison pipeline.

Our goal is to help these individuals as well as to help prevent young people who live in urban communities from ever going to prison in the first place.

The Founder

 Clyde Beasley from Southern California who founding The Prison Reform Project.

About Clyde
Clyde, 56, was incarcerated for many years in the state of California. After admittedly making many mistakes, Clyde is now a fully rehabilitated man seeking redemption as the creator of this powerful platform which is designed to educate and empower both men and women who are caught up in the American prison pipeline. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about  clyde Beasley.

How to help:
If you would like to help us, the best way to do so would be to make a donation to our cause!